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Bungee Experience offers bungee consulting and production workbungee products and a comprehensive training program for new companies.


Bungee Experience was founded in 1989 by Glenn Bruno.

Glenn was one of the first Americans to jump in the United States in 1988. Subsequently, he started Bungee Experience in June 1989. He has conducted jumps from bridges, cranes, hot air balloons, towers, trees and hangars. To date we have operated in ten States, Mexico and Europe. Glenn has supervised over 40,000 jumps, been a safety and technical consultant to commercial bungee jumping operations throughout the United States, and has assisted and consulted with State agencies in adopting regulations and safety guidelines. Additionally, he has worked with several public agencies to train their regulatory inspectors on the sport of bungee jumping.


Bungee Experience prides itself on being a highly committed safety-first organization with a perfect track record. Bungee jumping is a relative new sport and there are potential unknown risks. Bungee Experience has consulted many experts in the effort to minimize potential risks. As a result we have a system that employs a strict policy of redundancy that strives to ensure our jumpers’ safety. Each part of our system has a back up system and every aspect has been thoroughly tested, refined and re-tested. 


Bungee Experience designs and manufactures bungee cords for unique applications too.  Some of our clients are the Bermuda Biological Station for Research that utilizes our cords for sediment traps in the ocean.  Similarly, the University of Rhode Island’s department of Oceanography uses our cords for sediment traps in the Bering Sea.  We designed cords for Veolia Water’s waste treatment plant in Poughkeepsie.  Mixed martial artists use our cords to increase their strength and speed too.  And we supply the US Army special cords that are used on their zip lines at Ft. Leonard Wood in Missouri.  Contact us directly and we can accommodate your specific needs.

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You can contact Bungee Experience directly with your questions @ 209-295-6123.

“Life’s journey is not to arrive at the grave safely in a well preserved body, but rather to skid in sideways, totally worn out, shouting “…holy shit…what a ride!”

Yeah!  Die trying, not watching… “

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