SHOCK CORD (.625″ Diameter) Mil-Spec

The shock cord which California Bungee uses and distributes to qualified bungee jumping operators meets or exceeds U.S. Military Specification (Mil-C-5651D) with two exceptions:

  1. The outer braided sheath is made of high tenacity nylon, not cotton, as called for by military specification MIL-C-5651D. The high tenacity nylon significantly increases the breaking strength of the shock cord. Cotton is used for the inner sheath as it helps keep moisture away from the rubber and it keeps the nylon from abrading the rubber core.
  2. The outer sheath does not have the military color identification. Color identification is used to designate expiration date. California Bungee assigns an expiration date that is more stringent than military specification.

The servings or ends, the part of the system that is attached to the jumper and the anchor point, is made of 1″ tubular nylon webbing and meets military specification MIL-W-5625. The breaking strength of this system exceeds 4000 lbs. The back up system is 11/16″ tubular nylon and has a breaking strength of over 3500 lbs. All jumps are done using three to five cords, depending on weight. Each cord is tested to a minimum of 1700 lbs without failure. A typical jump will elongate the cords 95% to 110% of the initial cord length. All cords are capable of 170% elongation without failure. Each cord is rated at 500 jumps and upon reaching that number of jumps, the cords are tested, analyzed and evaluated before they are properly destroyed.

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The New Zealand style cord which California Bungee distributes to qualified bungee jumping operators meets or exceeds the Standards Association of New Zealand. The following specifications are minimums:

Size: 22 gauge

Yield: 485 yards/lb

Modulus: Schwartz 150-170

Tensile Break: minimum lead 5 lbs

Elongation: 650-700%

These specifications reflected are of one (1) thread of 22 gauge extruded latex. The cords manufactured by California Bungee are color coded as follows:

Green: 960 threads (weight range: 40-61kg)

Red: 1200 threads (weight range: 62-84kg)

Blue: 1440 threads (weight range: 85-98kg)

Black: 1600 threads (weight range: 99-118kg)

When the cords are used under these parameters elongation is 325-360%. Life expectancy is obviously dependent on application and exposure to elements of the environment in which used. California Bungee recommends cord retirement at 300 jumps on each cord.


The bungee jumping seat, chest and ankle harnesses used by California Bungee are manufactured in California for the sole purpose of bungee jumping. Many hours of research have gone into the design and manufacturing of these harnesses resulting in the most advanced equipment available in the world. All attachments to the jumper and the anchor point are made with an assortment of carabiners. Each carabiner is rated between 2300kg and 5,900 kg. A secondary back-up carabiner is used in all configurations.


California Bungee designs and manufactures bungee cords for unique applications too.  Some of our clients are the Bermuda Biological Station for Research that utilizes our cords for sediment traps in the ocean.  Similarly, the University of Rhode Island’s department of Oceanography uses our cords for sediment traps in the Bering Sea.  We designed cords for Veolia Water’s waste treatment plant in Poughkeepsie.  Mixed martial artists use our cords to increase their strength, agility and speed too.  And we supply the US Army special cords that are used on their zip lines at Ft. Leonard Wood in Missouri.  Contact us directly and we can accommodate your specific needs.