California Bungee has been retained by several production companies to provide consulting for rigging and stunt coordination of commercials involving bungee jumping.  The latest projects are listed below.  For additional information, please contact us direct at 209-470-5005.

Travel ChanelSamsung called on us to shoot a bungee jump video using their latest technology.  They chose a beautiful location in northern California and the entire commercial was shot with the revolutionary Galaxy S8.  Click here to watch the video.

 Honda CommercialTool of NA contacted us to provide the associated gear  and rigging to shoot a 30 second commercial for Honda  CRV’s.  This was filmed just north of Big Sur on Highway 1.   Click here to watch the commercial.

Travel Chanel

Kris Kosach  and The Travel Channel met up with us to experience bungee jumping off Perrotts Ferry bridge.  Kris hosts a weekly show called Travel Gear to show off the latest and greatest gear associated with different sports.  This jump was from 188 feet over the New Malones reservoir.  Click here to watch the video that aired on The Travel Channel.

Jaime Golden GateJaime Murray from MTV’s Real World and co-founder of SoulGear contacted us to provide consultation for a  project he was undertaking.  Jaime’s philosophy of  spreading love to his generation was accomplished by a daring daylight jump from the Golden Gate Bridge.  Click here to watch the video of his jump. Bungee Experience neither condones or encourages jumpers to make illegal jumps.

Salem CigsThis project was with Mark Gamba Studios which is a world renowned photography company with clients such as National Geographic, Adidas, and  ESPN.  The shoot involved suspending the jumper by his ankles from a crane and swinging him back and forth until the proper angle was achieved.  We shot this twice, once in the early morning with a clear sky and again at sunset in a forest to obtain the background.

SeagatePhotographer Andy Freeberg, a location portrait specialist with  clients such as Time, Sports Illustrated and Fortune, was hired by  Seagate to photograph a 5 picture campaign showing  an  engineer testing a disc drive. The first ad in the series was the  bungee jumping shock test.
Andy called on us to help accomplish this photo. In this shoot the jumper was suspended by his ankles from a studio ceiling to get the facial expression.  We then traveled to a bungee tower site and photographed the cords and sky to complete the image.

Awesome AdventuresAWESOME ADVENTURES is a series of programs that takes kids, ages 13 to 16, on exciting worldwide adventures.  Steve Rotfeld Productions retained us to provide the rigging and coordination for this episode.  Shot in beautiful Tuolumne County in the Sierra foothills, the host A.T. Montgomery and the two kids were able to experience their first jumps.  This show airs on Saturday mornings on Fox Network and the bungee episode is shown three times a year.